PURe Window & Door Systems


An innovative range of stylish aluminium windows & doors,

with unbeatable thermal performance




  • Ultra-high thermal performance
  • Easy to Fabricate using existing tooling
  • Extensive warranty 40+ year life expectancy
  • Exceed current / meet future building regulations
  • Fully weather and security tested
  • Offered with double or triple glazing
  • Available in an extensive choice of colours and finishes




The PURe® aluminium range incorporates high insulation polyurethane foam (PUR) as an innovative thermal barrier - preventing the cold from getting in and the heat from getting out.

Already used for many years in the construction industry to provide insulation, PUR is fully recyclable, safe to handle and gives ultra-high thermal performance.

This ground-breaking patented* use of PUR as a thermal barrier means that PURe®aluminium doors and windows exceed current and will meet future Building Regulations.


In fact, U-values as low as 0.71 W/m2K for PURe® windows and 0.93 W/m2K for PURe®doors can be achieved, when calculated as a commercial CEN standard.

Easy to manufacture using existing tooling, the PURe® door range is the new, simple way to achieve unbeatable thermal performance with infinite design options.

PURe® provides a simple and cost effective way to future-proof your building.


Designed and patented* in the UK, the PURe® door system is the only aluminium door range to utilise structural PUR insulation, achieving U-values as low as 0.93 W/m2K for our sliding folding door range, when calculated as a CEN standard.
*UK Patent Number GB252363.8

PURe® Performance

Thanks to the remarkable thermal performance of the innovative thermal barrier, the PURe® range takes U-Values down to the next level.

In fact U- Values as low as 0.71 W/m²K for PURe® windows and 0.93 W/m2K for PURe®doors (both calculated as a CEN standard) can be achieved, giving significantly better thermal performance than other aluminium windows and doors currently available.

That means a substantial improvement in the building's carbon footprint and lower energy bills.



PURe® Peace of Mind

Quality guaranteed

Independently tested to the highest standard in the UK, the innovative PUR thermal barrier gave superior shear testing results compared to other similar products using polyamide thermal barriers

Durable and fully recyclable, PURe®windows and doors have a 40+ year life expectancy and come with an extensive warranty.

Secure by design

PURe® doors have been developed to meet the Secure by Design (SBD) standards which measure a door's ability to resist forced entry.


Come rain, wind, hail or snow, PURe®windows and doors are guaranteed to be weathertight. Fully tested to BS6375 parts 1, 2 and 3, PURe® windows and doors have been designed to keep the weather out and the warmth in.


PURe® Choice

Infinite colour range and choice of finishes

Choose from a full range of standard RAL colours and if you have a specific colour in mind, we can colour match for a bespoke solution. You can even choose to have dual colour, with different colours on the exterior and interior surfaces.

Glazing to match your environment

Select from standard double glazing or higher performance triple glazing units. PURe® windows and doors have been robustly designed to accommodate units from 28mm up to 48mm as standard (for thicker glazing options, please consult our Technical Department.)



PURe® Design

The PURe® range has been designed with style, elegance and practicality in mind. The result is a stunning array of windows and doors suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Featuring narrow sightlines, PURe®windows and doors are available in a wide range of configurations with the option for further thermal enhancement for added energy savings.



PURe® Simplicity

PURe® windows are built to last

  • Double corner cleats for extra strength
  • Alignment chevrons help to construct clean, accurate mitred corners
  • Opening window frames are inserted directly into the outer frames using friction stays

PURe® doors have been cleverly design to be simple to adjust and install

PURe® FOLD - Folding sliding, single, double doors

  • Fully adjustable hinge stile +/- 3mm, lock keep +/- 3mm and intermediate hinges – 2mm for easy installation
  • Easily accessible intermediate locks with no need for removal of door leaves
  • Adjustable shoot bolts +/- 1.5mm



PURe® Value Engineering

The benefits that the specification of the PURe® range can bring to a project are huge.

PURe® windows and doors are competitively priced compared to less thermally efficient aluminium doors. So main contractors can significantly reduce their CO2 calculations without increasing costs.

Which means additional savings in the overall build cost can be made by reducing the need for features such as photovoltaic roof panels or expensive under floor insulation.



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